The Collective Story (Opus Acoustics)

The Collective Story

If you ve ever popped down to the Riverside on the Thursday for our weekly Opus Acoustics sessions, you ll have noticed we play a few word games. One such game is the Collective Story. Write a line of the story and pass it to the person next to you. Continue to do so until we have a story which will be read out at the end. There are no other rules. It’s a bit of fun, but I’ll forgive you in advance if your not wetting yourselves in excitment.

Anywho, for those of you who are wondering whether this turns into vulgar drivle or profound and thought provoking tales, heres a copy of last weeks story……

All he ever did was eat cheese.
And there was this girl
who was a cheesemaker, and an artist
Oh, and she was hot!
He was staring at her for hours while making these creamy fetas and mature cheddars,
while she was milking the coconuts.
and she was dreaming about one day becoming the owner of a super cheese factory that made many versions of itself on earth, the moon, and possible mars, before her arch nemisis, major chocolate tried to rule the universe.
He said that he would let her have her cheese and a planet for it as long as she played with his cholate twirl every other wednesday evening.
The girl wasn’t very impressed as she would much rather play with a twirl of wensleydale than a twirl.
But she sighed and agreed. As long as its not soft and sticky……So wednesday came along and she made her way to the chocolteirs lair.
She arrived wearing the finest cheese cloth and gingham dress.
Nervous, she passed before his massive gates of chocolaty-ness….
and thought “I wonder what those gates taste of?”
So she leans forward, opens her mouth and takes a bite.
As the velverty cocolate slips down her thoat she’s taken back to her days before the face transplant, sat in a doctor’s office. alone. uprotected. scared.
The moment passed and before she knew it, intense pleasurable feelings erupted within her. She felt torn, cheese had been her life, but chocolate tasted SO GOOD. A wonderfulthought occured to her, maybe I can combine both pleasures…..and so chocolateese was bourne.

The End.



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