The Science of Wellness

What do mindfulness, spending time with nature, storytelling and chocolate all have in common? Well, they’ve all been claimed to improve well-being and content. But is there any evidence for this? And would you like to find out if they could work for you?

The Sheffield Branch of the British Science Association and Sheffield Flourish have formed an exciting partnership and would like to invite you to join them at The Science of Wellness. You’ll uncover the facts behind the headlines about a range of easy interventions that you can make to lift your mood, and you’ll also have the chance to become a scientist yourself and perform your own experiments to see what you can do to boost your well-being.

Come along for an evening where you can learn something new, try different activities, enjoy free refreshments and start your own journey towards greater happiness.

Let them know if you can make it by signing up for a ticket here:

In taking part you’ll join a supportive team of people all trying something new. You’ll keep in touch over a month and then meet again at this follow-up event:

It’s free, friendly and fun.

*** Please note that with any kind of well-being intervention there is a risk it might not make you feel better, and could make you feel worse. We advise discussing the experiments with your therapist before taking part, if you have any concerns. ***


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