Word Life was commissioned by Off The Shelf Festival of Words to deliver poetry light night in October 2015 in collaboration with Ruskin in Sheffield.

Word Life commissioned poets Tony Walsh and Rommmi Smith to create original poems inspired by John Ruskin’s writings. John Ruskin was a prominent writer, social activist and philantrophist who was extremely influential and wrote on a huge and varied set of subjects as diverse as architechture, poetry, classical texts, politics and much more.

Rommi Smith and Tony Walsh researched John Ruskin’s works and were tasked with writing an orignal poem based on their interpretations of his writings. These poems were then given to two filmmakers, Annie Watson and Rob Speranza to be turned into film poems that were then projected onto the frontage of the Upper Chapel building.

The films have also been screened at numerous other events including being projected onto Firth Court at Sheffield University’s Krebsfest, shown at a Showroom shorts event, and screened at WordLife’s 9th Birthday.