Sheffield in Edinburgh: Part 1

Ahead of a review in next month’s Now Then I’ll be posting a series of short pieces about the wonderful performers from our Steel City making a splash in the Athens of the North at the worlds largest arts festival.

First up, Hairy Feet by the Skinny Theatre. Billed as ‘the tallest twin comedy double act’ and performing as part of the Free Fringe. A rare treat indeed as the audience was entertained by a variety of characters for an hour of high energy amusement – and all for free! With such an assured performance it’s hard to believe this is their first year at the Edinburgh Festival.

Stan and Matt are performing Hairy Feet every day throughout the Festival at 10pm at Kiwi Bar (Omni Centre, Venue #344), if you’re heading up put them on your list!

What’s the best thing about performing at Edinburgh?

If it was anywhere else in the world and you walked down the street in a leotard you’d get beaten up, but here it’s so tolerant!

A favourite part so far was a comedienne introducing us with the words “I’ve suffered at the hands of a paedophile, my mother disowned me and I’ve been in a mental health ward. Now here’s Hairy Feet!”

Most performers at the Festival pay hundreds to get double-sided flyers printed to promote themselves on the Royal Mile. We didn’t do any of that so it’s become a challenge to make our show a success with the use of a cardboard box and some paper plates.

Keep up to date with Skinny Theatre on facebook, twitter and visit their website.


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