Elapse MArt Degree Show

Where?  S1 Artspace
When?  Now until the 28th June

It’s that time of year again – time to get a sneak peak into the minds of the students finishing their courses and about to head out into the world. Checking out degree shows is always great fun and this year we’re heading to S1 Artspace for the Elapse MArt Degree Show.



The work featured comes from a small group of five artists – Jack Barton, Adrian Crawley, Rachel Mason, Emma Katrina McLean and Wisia Kathleen Grzegorczyk-Baxte – and it straddles a dizzying number of themes and mediums.

Rache's work


From long lost photograph negatives to 8mm films to documentation of food art, this show displays originality and inventiveness, which are surely the keys to any art form. Far from the cringeworthy student shows of my youth; Sheffield is smashing it.

WKGB 8mm Film

Words: Sara Hill
Images:  © Augustinas Naslenas


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  1. Hey look thats my show… yeah all you guys should come down, its pretty badass, just saying

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