CPU Flexi Fun Times

As the more eagle-eyed among you may already know, selected copies of next month’s Now Then will include a 7-inch flexi disc – a floppy promotional vinyl pressed onto white acetate. The featured track is ‘Extra Terrestrials’ by Cygnus, released by local electronic label CPU Records.

Random copies of Now Then will include the vinyl as an insert, but if you don’t get lucky you will be able to pick up a copy at various locations across Sheffield during the month, including the CPU/Computer Club event at the Raynor Lounge on Saturday 29th November. Stay tuned for other impromptu pick-up locations through November, we’ll be

All readers will be given access to a free download of ‘Extra Terrestrials’ and a digital-only B-side, ‘Cybrid Vox’, alongside a feature on Cygnus and CPU Records.


Words: Sam Walby.


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