Sheffworld Sunday Slam Jam

Look no further for your bank holiday plans, they’re right here. We’ve got prizes to give away to a lucky reader so go ahead and scroll down…


An immense team up with local promoters, venues and sound systems has led to an almighty line up of jungle royalty at Corporation in 24th May for the Sheffworld Sunday Slam Jam. Congo Natty AKA Rebel MC heads up the main room along with Tenor Fly, Congo Dubz and more, whilst the second room will be seeing to all your dancehall and UK bass needs.

In fact there’s a whole day and night of action with a free entry pre-party at the Harley featuring stalls, jungle djs and, of course, the opportunity to tuck into a mouth wateringly juicy burger before you head to Corp for the main event.

So, we mentioned prizes didn’t we? Here’s the deal – email and tell us why you love jungle. In one week (18th) we’ll pick out a winner to be the recipient of, not one, but TWO pairs of tickets – yes that’s 4 tickets – a bottle of O’Hara’s rum AND a t-shirt. Pretty good eh? Get typing!

Also, if you’re not lucky enough to win you can purchase tickets here.

Words: Sara Hill


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  1. I love jungle for its message, for the people, the places and the bass. In a world full of so much negativity, segregation and oppression, reggae and jungle music provide an escape for so many yet do not shy away from the issues, dealing with them in their songs, promoting peace and unity, and calling for change, an unstoppable force. Anyway who doubts that only has attend an event where they will see people from all walks of life united on the dance floor, no violence, no judgement just unity in music. It’s a genre that has had a profound affect on people spanning generations and will continue to do, whether by having the best night of your life, discovering a new sound, raving to classics or the impression left having experienced the warmth and love that defines jungle events.


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