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 11542065_649635481836038_8790574837809938390_nWell what can we say as an intro to this Kickstarter campaign – in the time between us being in touch with them and writing this they had reached the minimum target! You can still donate though and make it even bigger – more details below and the link at the bottom…

What is ‘The Sow’ and what’s the motivation behind it?

The Sow offer high quality, rare, easy to grow plants to the world. We also hope to grow Enable charity in Sheffield by promising to supply the charity with the same product that the customer purchases. Enable can grow the seeds into plants and sell them in their existing garden centre.


Who are you and how did it all come about?

I am Chris Acton. I went to Sheffield Hallam Uni and remained in Sheffield after. I have started The Sow as I really enjoy growing rare plants, and have gained some very good suppliers of plants that are extremely hard to find. Over the years I’ve noticed that the quality of seeds have a huge impact on the success of the plants, so I’m really excited to start sharing the seeds! I also know how hard the team work at Enable in Sheffield to support disabled people, and would like to help them out. The fact they have a great garden centre already is a huge bonus for me to help make this project/business work.

What’s the long term vision?

I’d love to become the number one supplier of high quality rare seeds. I’d equally love for Enable to become the place that is associated with really good quality rare plants, and for people to travel miles to come and get some of natures wonders!

Tell us about Enable.

Enable work with disadvantaged people and help grow confidence and make people happier in life. They help people with all sorts of skills such as living social and practical. One of the activities they do is gardening. Gardening has been proven to help grow confidence, and this is a big reason why The Sow fits really well with Enable.

For more information and to donate click here


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