Where Am I?


If you’ve got a decent grasp of geography – or, failing that, Google Maps – it’s an easy enough question to answer. Not so for artist Isla Millar, who uses that question as the basis for her new exhibition at the Cupola Gallery.

Originally from Scotland but now based out of Northamptonshire, Millar is currently studying at Oxford Brookes University. She won the Sheffield International Artists Book Prize back in 2013 with her piece “The Great Fire of Eydon”. This solo show, sponsored by the Cupola, is part of her prize.

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Millar’s primary focus is on sculpture, and “Where Am I?” is no exception, with materials like scorched paper, broken glass and heat-treated wire dominating the Cupola’s main gallery. She says that the exhibition is an exploration of the progression from the physical to the cognitive:

“We orientate ourselves through familiarity with spaces, recognition of landmarks, boundaries and memories of events. Inspired by moving home, this exhibition explores how changes to our physical surroundings disrupt our sense of place and how our mind creates cognitive maps to allow us to navigate our environment and know where we are”.


Set up in 1991 on Middlewood Road in Hillsborough, the Cupola has earned its reputation as one of the most respected modern art galleries in the North of England. They have over 300 artists on display, in mediums ranging from painting and photography to sculpture, ceramics and jewellery.

Where Am I? opened on 22nd August and will be exhibiting until 19th September.

For more info on the Cupola and its programme of exhibitions head to www.cupogallery.com, or to find out more about Isla Millar check out her portfolio at www.islamillar.co.uk.


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