LSS @ Woolworths


Woolworths: former home of last minute Christmas shopping, pick and mix, and now the heavy bass of Zed Bias’s Madd Again Soundsystem. Bringing a new type of sound to Sheffield’s vibrant nightlife, LSS took place in Theatre Delicatessen on the Moor; the former home of Woolworths. LSS managed to make the Manchester legend Zed Bias feel at home bringing an enthusiastic crowd and an even more enthusiastic set of DJ’s.

Starting the night in true Woolworths fashion, I was handed a bag of assorted pick and mix as I headed into the venue. Really, what could be better than demolishing a bag of pear drops while busting a few moves to the sounds of the UK underground. The Woolworths venue is quirky and refreshing, and is picking up popularity at an increasing rate. With a massive main room, the venue feels a far cry from the main rooms of other popular event spaces such as The Night Kitchen and Yellow Arch Studios. This was slightly disconcerting at first, but as the night picked up the room filled up nicely, allowing the respective MC’s of Madd Again and Jus Now to echo their fast flowing bars through the room. Walking into the back room of the Theatre Deli, only the hardest of jungle was playing, allowing Sheffield’s own homegrown talent; Smiley Maxx to warm up the night with style.

Specialist Moss & Killa Benz

Bringing carnival bass and beats, Madd Again started to attract the crowd to the main room. When Zed Bias’ garage classic Neighbourhood was played the energy really started to flow. This was carried by the punchy reverberating vocals of Specialist Moss and Killa Benz, bringing party vibes aplenty. Jus Now followed on, bringing carnival vibes with fast changing beats, keeping the crowd on their feet with Serocee on the mic making sure the crowd was fully hyped. The back room continually pumped out old school jungle, with flowing drum loops and a general lack of inhibitions, allowing the crowd to get in the full LSS spirit.

LSS you’ve done it again! Bringing a new flavor to Sheffield’s underground is a risky move, but with the help of the friendly carnival vibes and an equally friendly crowd, you pulled it off!

Words: Will Daly.
Images © LSS.


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