The Porter Pizza Company

From their wood-fired oven, to their self-styled ‘pizza school’ sessions, The Porter Pizza Company deal exclusively in “pizza with integrity”.

Housed in one of the small but comfortable shopfronts on Sharrow Vale Road, Porter Pizza came into being in 2015 as an antidote to the, “uninspired and ‘stodged-out’ greasy American-style pizza” more commonly offered in most British cities.


Aiming to turn what’s more often than not thought of as junk food into “real food”, it’s the use of quality ingredients and traditional methods that set Porter Pizza apart from your friendly, high street takeaway.

For starters, all of their pizzas are made using the “finest Italian flour”, are (hypnotically) hand-stretched and then cooked at a face-melting 450 degrees in their wood-fired oven.

Although they don’t (yet) offer home delivery, they’re open daily and deliver to their two closest beery neighbours, The Beer House on Ecclesall Road and Porter Cottage on Sharrow Vale. They also have the ever-satisfying “Create Your Own Pizza” menu which includes both gluten-free and vegan options.


Perhaps their most exciting offering though, is Pizza School. Yes! You too can learn the art of Neapolitan pizza-making. From hand-stretching your own dough to achieving the perfect crust, pizza mastery is well and truly within your grasp. (I know what I’m suggesting for our next staff night out).

To find out more you can visit them at 410 Sharrow Vale Road, Hunters Bar, Sheffield. Follow them on Twitter or Instagram at @porterpizzaco, or visit:

Words: Danielle Mustarde
Images courtesy of The Porter Pizza Company


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