Hagglers Bar

There’s a new bar in town. We stopped by at Hagglers Bar for a chat with Bar Manager, Jake.

Describe the newest addition to the Hagglers Collective in three words.

Cosy, natural & traditional.

We hear there’ll be live music and DJs at the weekends, have you got any exciting upcoming bookings to tell us about?

Yes, we have. Almost every Friday and Saturday we have a DJ in the bar and Wednesday is jam night. We put on our own gigs too, mostly upstairs in the event space but sometimes in the bar. These events are usually on a Thursday or Friday but depending on bookings we’re able to put events on any day. All the information about our upcoming events can be found on our website and Facebook.


Will you be taking advantage of the wealth of Sheffield microbreweries when choosing craft beer to serve at Hagglers?

We work closely with Abbeydale Brewery. They’re very close to Hagglers location-wise and we never have a problem selling Moonshine, especially on the weekends. We’ve started selling Heathen in cans, which I must say from personal experience is a very nice beer, and we also stock Farmers Blonde from Bradfield Brewery in bottles. The rest of the beer we serve is from a variety of places in the UK and abroad. We’re forever adding to the menu because we love discovering new beers.

What sets Hagglers Bar apart from its local contemporaries?

We’ve tried to create a space that feels new but still has the warm feel of a traditional pub. I remember first going to pubs and falling in love with the atmosphere. I was brought up in Derbyshire so pubs for me were dark buildings in the middle of nowhere that had a massive fire going and felt like a safe haven. Because there weren’t many pubs to choose from at the time you had to drink what they offered, so making sure they had good beer was important.

Hagglers Bar is situated a decent distance from town so to make sure we cater to everyone’s drinking needs we’ve focused on creating a small but full drinks list and tried to make the bar feel as natural and cosy as possible. It feels like a modern version of a traditional pub.


And lastly, tell us about the cocktails. They all sound delectable, but is there one you’d especially recommend to our readers?

We offer Sours, Passion Fruit Martini (tastes like a Solero ice lolly), Espresso Martini, Margarita, Rum Punch, Mojito and Northern Lights. I’d recommend Northern Lights as it’s one I specifically designed for Hagglers. One of the owners, Sarah, is half Icelandic and she asked me to create a cocktail to fit with her Icelandic heritage. Northern Lights is the first of many seasonal Hagglers’ cocktails – it’s a blueberry gin and vodka-based cocktail infused with cherries and blueberries, then topped up with cranberry juice and mint leaves. It comes out in a really cool shiny red colour.

So what are you waiting for? Hagglers Bar is open from 4pm Wednesday to Sunday and you can enjoy two cocktails for just £10 when you show the Now Then Discounts App at the bar. 

Interview by Felicity Jackson
Images courtesy of Hagglers Corner


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