Summer Coffee Days…

Roll on those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. We all love summer. The fact that it stays light ‘til 10, that it’s socially acceptable to drink anytime after midday (as long as you’re sitting in the sunshine), and the fact that, for those two heady days that British summertime generally lasts, you can leave your house in fewer than four layers of thick woolly clothing.

The only annoying thing about the weather warming up is that my desire to consume hot drinks goes down, which is a problem for me, due to the fact that I’m a horrendous caffeine addict.

How do I get my fix without having to sweat it out with a hot cup of joe? The answer is obviously iced coffee. Such a rare, under-appreciated treat, iced coffee isn’t just for people who buy all their drinks from Starbucks and have no taste-buds. No, my friends.

Coffee afficionados have taken the idea of iced coffee and run with it. They’ve created iced Americanos and lattes with a single origin bean spin, developed a whole brewing method called cold brew, and, in the case of one revolutionary roaster, have even made ‘nitro coffee’ (imagine ice-cold coffee coming out of a beer tap).

So where should we head in Sheffield to get our cold coffee fix?

Forge Coffee Roasters, Bank St
Lee, the man in charge of Forge, has spent his time refining his iced Americanos, so they’re pretty hard to beat. He feels if you take time, care and, of course, use good ingredients, an iced Americano is the way forward this summer.

The Captain’s Cup, Ecclesall Road
Mat, general manager, has taken his background in specialist coffee shops and used it well in steering this new kid on the block in the right direction. Brewing his own cold brew on-site using Smith Street Coffee Roasters’ Ethiopian Origin Biftu Gudina, it’s much more citrusy and lemony than most coffees, so perfect for that summery note.   


Four Corners Canteen, Abbeydale Road
Taking Twin City roasters coffee, owner Chris adds a social enterprise slant on the cold coffee. Again, he takes the principle of good ingredients used well and will create your ideal iced coffee drink. With a wide range of non-dairy milks, it’s perfect for those who prefer their milk from coconuts.

Frazer’s Coffee Roasters, Dunlop St
Coffee coming out of a beer pump. There’s not much else to say about Frazer and his absolutely amazing coffee, except that he’s a genius and can be found at all of the markets across Sheffield. I’ll be the one elbowing you out of the way at the next Sharrow Vale Road market…  

Words: Erin Lawlor


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