It’s often said that the devil is in the details, but in the case of Public it’s most certainly the delight that’s in the details. From the bespoke pink embossed coasters, to the beautiful custom-made Rose Quartz Dip dinnerware by local clay-throwing favourites Grey Suit Clay, the Public aesthetic is dreamily decadent. The bar’s stunning transformation from public toilet to underground cocktail haven is indeed something to behold, and savour.

Public’s resident cocktail guru is none other than World Class competitor, Jack Wakelin, whose cocktail design and creation skills are quite formidable. Each of the cocktails in the beautifully presented menu are expertly crafted by Jack and delivered to you by one of the friendly table staff. And it’s table service too, so you can order cocktails, food and wine to your heart’s content without having to hang about at a bustling bar. Heaven. 

It’s also the perfect spot to pop in and take a break after a long day of Christmas shopping in town. Their food menu is ever-changing and features such a variety of flavours that even the most picky palate will be happy. And of course, the ingredients are locally sourced from a selection of Sheffield’s best-loved independents, including Sheffield Honey, The Depot Bakery and Moss Valley Fine Meats. So go on, treat yourself.

Oh, and if you thought PHS’s toilets were the best selfie spot in town, just wait ‘til you see Public’s.

Words: Flick Jackson
Images: India Hobson


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