Fencescapes are a landscaping and fencing company focused on using local, responsibly sourced and reclaimed materials. They aim to offer their customers something a little different from the competition and like to keep their designs fresh and contemporary to fit in with the modern garden.

Ben was born in Sheffield but after growing up in Peterborough he returned to study Fine Art. Stu was born in Blackpool but came to Sheffield over a decade ago and he says it’s the abundance of green spaces and the city’s focus on independent business which has kept him here. They only set up in March but have been stunned by the responses they’ve had from advertising and their online presence. However, they’ve been most overwhelmed by the power of word-of-mouth recommendations across the city.

One piece of work they’re proudest of is a beautiful set of stairs which were built from locally sourced larch, which the guys say was a joy to work on. The other is a beautiful flowing dry stone wall, which although it had its constructional challenges, was immensely satisfying to see finished.

In terms of the future, they want the company to continue to move from strength to strength. They’ve recently become a three-man team thanks to the addition of Mikey and want to continue expanding to the point where they can divide into two teams next year. The long-term goal is for Fencescapes to become synonymous with landscape work which has great designs and beautiful results.

Website: http://fencescapes.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fencescapesuk/
Instagram: @fencescapes

Words: Emily Best


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