The Tower Festival

The Tower bring their signature intergalactic festival vibes back to the Lincolnshire countryside for the second time this June.

Festival organisers are preparing to showcase an underground, eclectic line-up for 700 switched-on and passionate patrons, accompanied by promised intimacy, a pinch of debauchery and a swanky 24-hour music licence.

Making their debut on the festival circuit last year, this time around they’ve managed to creep into the line of sight of more festival veterans. From the 29 June to 2 July, the festival will open their arms to a surprising bill of artists, including Bullion, Parris Mitchell and John Gómez, alongside well-known acts such as Optimo, DJ Bus Replacement Service and Dan Shake. With a line-up so off-the-cuff and far from your usual UK bill, we can imagine The Tower will be suited to heads who prefer things a little more unorthodox.

But music isn’t the only area where they’ve shown attentiveness. The team at The Tower have gone to extra lengths in curating immersive set designs and ensuring only pristine sound systems are heard. In order to allow their visual identity to evolve, they’ve teamed up with award-winning architecture firm Hesselbrand. Their director, Jesper Henriksson, comments that in order to make the whole site a multi-sensory experience, shock-absorbing dancefloors, polarised glass roofs and interactive light and video installations will be stationed around the festival.

The site is set in an ancient woodland surrounding Pelham’s Pillar, a monument dedicated to the planting of 12.5 million trees, and as an environmentally-friendly festival one tree will be planted for each ticket sold.

Do not be misled by the irony of their promo video – the people behind this northern party for the people appear to know exactly what they’re doing.

Words: Georgia Smith



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