Review: The Broadfield’s New Orleans Supper Club

On a balmy summer’s evening in August we ventured into the private dining room upstairs at The Broadfield. The room was bathed in the last sunlight of the day and the table was beautifully set for a New Orleans-themed feast, augmented by a thoughtful, upbeat playlist of jazz and blues.

We’d already had a peek at the Supper Club’s menu so had a good idea of what was in store food-wise but to our very pleasant surprise, they’d also put together an enticing menu of drinks pairings, featuring five cocktails which all paid homage to the booze of the South with a Mississippi Iced Tea, New Orleans Sour and Peach Mint Julep all making a welcome appearance.

The first of the five courses was a New Orleans Gumbo with a crispy egg and paprika salt. It was punchy yet comforting and there was a healthy amount of fresh chilli in the mix, with the creamy tomato sauce acting as a smooth contrast with the crunchy egg coating. Off to a flying start. 

Next up was the Oyster Rockefeller with cajun remoulade and frisse. This one was deceptively spicy, with the heat from the remoulade really wearing on, but the oysters were succulent and accompanied by a tasty cheese sauce which served as a welcome antidote to any excess warmth.

The third course was a Lobster Bisque with old bay seasoning and crab beignet. As a seafood fan I was really looking forward to this one and there was a wonderful richness to the food. The cocktail pairing was spot on with The Big Yeasy, comprising Yuzu liqueur, Southern Comfort, grapefruit and hot sauce, providing a zingy backdrop which cut nicely through the rich flavour of the lobster.

For the final savoury dish we had Venison Jambalaya with shrimp rice and corn fritter. I must admit, I was pretty full by this point and did have to request this one to go but it was an inventive combination of flavours and textures, and the venison was perfectly pink and tender. The Louisiana Hurricane cocktail pairing was super citrusy, possibly a little too citrusy, with orange, pineapple and pomegranate in the mix, but it definitely embodied the Mardi Gras carnival vibe and looked gorgeous.

For pud, we were treated to Hazelnut Pralines with cinnamon cream. The cream was smooth and delicately flavoured, contrasting perfectly with the sticky sweet and crunchy pralines. It proved to be the perfect end to a thoroughly lovely evening and I can’t recommend The Broadie’s Supper Club highly enough. The service was tip-top, too. 

The next instalment is for all you coffee lovers and will take place on 18 September, and after that there’ll be a Vegan Supper Club on 23 October. You can find out more and book tickets online at or by calling 0114 255 0200.

Words: Flick Jackson
Images courtesy of The Broadfield


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