Opus Company Values

We use our values and aims to inform our behaviour as an organisation. They also inform where we will obtain income and what kind of projects we are interested in creating or contributing towards. 

Freedom of thought and action from the vested interests of an imposed social, political and economic orthodoxy is vital to any form of individual and/or social progression. It is only through independent thinking that real innovation can happen, as it allows for the growth of new ideas, solutions, and the connection of people and resources not usually connected due to the restrictive boundaries of corporate hegemony to pursue new projects, new conversations, and to allow for creative problem solving.

Empathy is the cornerstone of co-operation and the tempering of independence and expression. Human society is built on cooperation, without which we would build no houses, form no communities, and philosophies would not develop and progress. The ability to understand the feelings of another human being is vital to all areas of life. 

Actively involving local people in their community and by extension wider society, through engaging products and projects leads to better outputs, which are more reflective of the community, whilst also providing experience and opportunities to individuals.

Creativity is an essential outlet for personal and collective expression, which contributes to the character and identity of the places we live, and can act as a unifying force for communities. The contribution of the arts to our society and the wellbeing of individuals as well as groups must not be underestimated.

Citizens should have a means of expressing themselves outside of traditional mainstream media platforms and should be encouraged to voice their hopes, concerns and beliefs in an open and constructive way.

Active citizenship is the bedrock of any progressive and vibrant community. This means political awareness and action, the supporting and championing of causes, and ensuring people have the power to influence their community and retain agency in their lives in constructive ways. Pragmatic optimism is necessary for communities to work together and develop a solution-focussed approach. 

Striving to be inclusive of underrepresented groups should be at the heart of how society operates. This means not only amplifying their voices, but involving them in decision-making, strategy and governance at all levels. This should be an active and ongoing process.


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