Citizen Network is a movement to advance equality and justice around the world.

Founded in 2016, Citizen Network’s function is to connect people, groups and organisations to bring about the personal and systemic changes necessary so everyone can flourish.

Citizen Network is a space for citizens, inspired by the Athenian agora. It is designed to help create a world where everyone matters. It helps people to come together to learn how to be a citizen, to share, to learn, to take action and to organise. It is a cooperative space, designed so that people have the freedom to express their unique gifts; but also so that they can connect with others and take action to create a world where everyone’s gifts are recognised.

Citizen Network has more than 1000 individual members and more than 240 group members from 38 countries. It was founded by the Centre for Welfare Reform in Sheffield and it is built on the democratic framework of Citizen Network Osk (co-op), a non-profit global co-operative registered in Helsinki, Finland.

Several projects Opus works on – Festival of Debate, UBI Labs and NDM – are themselves part of Citizen Network, and Opus is a founding organisational member of the co-operative. Opus is also currently working with Citizen Network to look closely at how the network functions, surveying and interviewing members with the aim of creating a more inclusive and active community within CN.

In 2022, membership of the cooperative opened up to individuals and organisations who want to make a deeper commitment to supporting our goals and actions. You can find out more about Citizen Network Osk and how to join here.