The UBI Lab Network is a worldwide network of citizens, researchers, activists and campaigners exploring the potential of Universal Basic Income.

Universal Basic Income is a regular and unconditional payment given to everyone regardless of their income, wealth or work. The UBI Lab Network is working towards piloting a basic income and creating a movement for change through a large network of UBI Lab groups around the world and in UK cities and regions including Northern Ireland, Sheffield, Newcastle, Kirklees, Leeds, Liverpool, Jakarta, Bucharest, York, Birmingham and Hull.

The Network has been effective in securing endorsements from leading economists, MPs, peers, public figures, local authorities, think tanks, and significant numbers of the public. We have formed the first ever Cross Party Parliamentary and Local Government Group on UBI, successfully lobbied the Welsh Government to announce the first pilot in the UK and raised £100,000 to deliver the first ever feasibility study into ‘UBI as a Peace Dividend’ in Northern Ireland.  

As the Network grows and finds further footholds, especially in nations outside the UK, our capacity to share and develop our learning, make connections, and co-design projects and campaigns while genuinely affecting change will increase exponentially. UBI is a policy of participation, an idea which seeks to increase everyone’s capacity to be involved and contribute to the problems that we collectively face.

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Our interactive map shows over 17,000 stories gathered by Basic Income Conversation, Organise and the UBI Lab Network documenting why the UK needs a Basic Income and what people would do with it:

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How do you think your life at work would be different if you received a UBI every month?
– Organise question

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What you would do differently with UBI?
– Basic Income Conversation question