goalsoul.net – Football Shirts With a Difference

There’s not a lot of sport in Now Then. I’m just going to state that now. However it’s not that none of us are fans, of course we are. It’s just that there are only so many pages in a magazine and you don’t often get sport that sits comfortably across from fine art, poetry and political commentary. Not often, but sometimes.

goalsoul is that place. Sick and tired of the usual football shirt? Visit goalsoul.net and you’ll be reinvigorated. The lads take inspiration from the beautiful games most iconic, and at times notorious, characters, incidents and dramas, shake that up with jaw-dropping art and design, then sprinkle over the finishing touches of top notch environmental credentials and attention to detail.

Did I say environmental credentials? In a football shirt? Yes I did. Fully compliant with the standards laid down by the Fair Wear Foundation, the Soil Associations organic standard, Confidence in Textiles and holding Carbon Neutral Certification, you simply can’t go wrong.  Oh yes, and being in Now Then they are also a local independent business.

Bringing the beauty of football to a t-shirt is no mean feat and each one is dripping in the passion that these chaps have for all things football and it’s wonderful to express it in an original, innovative and gosh-darned gorgeous way. Visit goalsoul.net right now and join them.


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