Kuji Shop and the Awesome Lix

Following our brief summer hiatus of Kuji coverage, we’re here to lend props to both them and the latest emerging artist to grace their shop window, who operates under the moniker of Lix.

Already a freelance artist, graphic designer and illustrator, Alix M Peck is a name that you are likely to start hearing a lot more around town and beyond. You may in fact have seen some of his work already, as he has beautified the walls of Bungalows and Bears on Division Street, is artist in residence at the wonderful Soyo, as well as being a member of both the Stars in Stripes Collective and Unquiet Desperation. A prolific chap indeed.

As you can see, Lix takes his inspiration from graph-style street art, western cartoons and also from musical lyrics and, though you can clearly see these influences, he truly brings something all of his own to his work.

We love his cheeky devil in Kuji’s window and shall be following Lix’s future work closely as we reckon he has the goods to rub shoulders with the established greats of Sheffield’s street artists.

Once the devil’s done his work on you, we also strongly recommend you venture beyond the window because the shop is looking ridiculously ace at the moment. Becky and Greg have such a great eye for both the beautiful and the original and with a couple of pre-Christmas sale rails to aide our fluff-filled wallets, you can stock up on gifts for the more discerning of your loved ones ahead of time.


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