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LaDIYfest Sheffield is an inclusive, DIY, anti-capitalist, community-based feminist festival taking place on 12th-13th November 2011. That’s quite a mouthful we know, but it’s good to be specific! All proceeds from the events will go to Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service.

The programme aims to create a celebration of women with an emphasis on the artistic, the creative and the political; opposing the part that capitalism plays in the oppression of women and raising awareness of women’s issues. As well as working with local women’s organisations to engage Sheffielders and work towards a more equal society for all.

The festival will highlight feminist and LGBTQ art, projects and activism through music, performance art, spoken word, films, discussion, art exhibitions and practical workshops; it’s going to be a full on weekend!

LaDIYfest Sheffield is part of a global movement which grew out of the DIY and Riot Grrrl scenes. Since the first Ladyfest, which was held in Olympia USA in August 2000, feminists worldwide have adopted the name and organised Ladyfests in their own towns.

LaDIYfest Sheffield is organised by a collective of volunteers and led primarily by women but anyone who shares our goals is welcome to get involved. All genders and ages are very welcome and there are lots of ways to get involved. Volunteers are always welcome and the festival is funded by events to raise money in the run up to the festival – find them on facebook, twitter and their website.

Keep up to date and get involved.


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