We Are Poets Documentary

We’ve recently been running some launch events for a new inspirational documentary about spoken word directed by local filmmakers Alex Ramseyer-Bache and Daniel Lucchesi at the Showroom Cinema and The Lantern Theatre. It really is an outstanding film showcasing the strength of spoken word and how it can change people’s lives in an educational setting. You can now request a screening for your community group just by following a link on their website. A bio of a film below is taken from their website


WE ARE POETS presents a moving and inspirational story of youth, art and freedom of expression, as a remarkable team of six British teenagers are chosen to represent the UK at Brave New Voices: the most prestigious Poetry Slam competition in the world. From their inner city lives in Northern England, to a stage in front of the White House in Washington DC, the young poets explosively lay bare the concerns of a generation as they take on the world and prepare for a transformational journey of a lifetime. Cinematic, imaginative and uniquely honest, WE ARE POETS is a moving testament to the power of creativity, community and the dynamism of young people. Anyone tempted to dismiss today’s youth as politically apathetic better pay heed: here is electrifying evidence to the contrary.

WE ARE POETS intimately follows the lives and words of the Leeds Young Authors (LYA), a grassroots poetry and literary group for 13-19 year olds based in one of the most ethnically diverse and socially deprived areas of the city. Despite the difficulties that surround them, the young poets show maturity and wisdom far beyond their years as they develop into powerfully outspoken artists. It may be the ‘modern age of communication’, but these teenagers have chosen to define themselves through one of the most ancient and potent forms of expression: the spoken poem. The poems in question aren’t any old poems, they are anguished, witty, full-throated diatribes that command attention and provide an empowering platform for the young people to truly speak for themselves, and in turn be truly listened to – something that is unfortunately very rare indeed.

At LYA they are encouraged to take their work from ‘page to stage’ by performing to an audience and panel of judges in competitions known as Poetry Slams. Every year LYA hold a local Slam and six of their finest poets are selected for the team to compete at the biggest slam of all, Brave New Voices (BNV). Organised by Youth Speaks, BNV is a world class showcase of expression that sees 45 teams and over 400 individual poets converge on the political center of Washington DC, all hoping to be crowned World Slam Champions.



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