Showroom Eye Openers

We love the Showroom. Our affection for the place and the films they show is pretty obvious, so much so that we joined forces with them to bring you Eye Openers, a selection of films you can see for just five pounds sterling on presentation of the Now Then Discounts App.

Films for a fiver. How can you go wrong? To show you what you can enjoy, here’s a look at what’s on offer in the near future.

A Clockwork Orange
Thursday 27th November, 6pm

The word ‘classic’ is used too often nowadays but make no mistake – this film is one. Stanley Kubrick’s adaption of Anthony Burgess’ novel is one of the best and most controversial films to ever be shown in cinemas.

Here you’re not only getting the chance to watch a brilliant turn by Malcolm McDowell as Alex De Large, but philosophy professor Eric Olson from The University of Sheffield will also be discussing the theme of violence and human nature in the film.

Cinema Palestine
Saturday 29th November, 3pm

One of two films in Showroom’s Cinema Palestino, Cinema Palestine is a documentary focusing on the latest rise of Palestinian cinema, featuring in-depth interviews with Palestinian artists working all over the world. This is one that is sure to be worth the reduced ticket price.

Saturday 29th November, 6pm

The second part of Cinema Palestino follows Omar, a young man captured by the Israelis when trying to visit his girlfriend and fellow freedom fighters. A tense drama in Arabic with English subtitles, this Oscar-nominated drama from director Hany Abu-Assad promises to liven up any unplanned Saturday evening.

I Am Divine
Sunday 30th November, 6:30pm

Another documentary to mark down on your calendar, but a contrasting one to Palestine, I Am Divine centers on Harris Glenn Milstead’s character Divine, an infamous American drag queen who remains a cultural figure in the LGBT community.

Following Milstead’s death in 1988, this 2013 film offers a biographical take from director John Waters, a lifelong friend. Featuring archive footage and interviews with friends, this is certain to provide a colourful take on a unique and extravagant character.

The Entertainer
Saturday 6th December, 4pm

Part of the Showroom’s Carnyville exhibition, this month’s screening of The Entertainer, a circus inspired performance starring Laurence Olivier, follows Archie Rice and the unraveling of his life. This coincides with the twentieth anniversary of The National Fairground Archive’s opening in the Western Bank Library at the University of Sheffield, with Professor Vanessa Toulmin offering her on take on carnival exploits.


Words: Brady Frost.


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