Sheffield Skincare Company

Tucked away up in Crookes, the Sheffield Skincare Company is a beautiful treasure trove of natural, organic and handmade skincare products. We stopped by for a chat with the company’s creator and founder, Megan Beardsmore.

What prompted you to start the Sheffield Skincare Company?

My interest in skincare started as a small child when I used to make perfumes using rose petals and other plants I could find. My interest went further when looking at herbalism books that my mum used to keep in the house that were full of skincare recipes. In 2001 I studied Herbalism and Aromatherapy at Sheffield College and began experimenting with different ingredients to create my own unique skincare from natural sources. I used to make various products for family members who loved the products I made and suggested I begin to sell them commercially, so after much research and experimenting in my kitchen at home, Sheffield Skincare Company was born.


Can you tell us about how you make your products. Do you make them all yourself?

Currently I am a sole trader so I’m making, labelling and selling the products I make on my own, which can be hard work at times. I’m just at the stage now where I’m taking on an employee to help me over the summer and to prepare for Christmas. I have to be super organised to get orders ready on time and to ensure quality control of everything that goes out in my shop and to stockists. Making the products has become second nature now. All the ingredients I use are natural and treated very carefully to ensure the ingredients keep their beneficial nutrients. Oils and butters are heated gently and combined to make my soaps, butters and balms.

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What are the benefits of using natural and organic skincare products?

When you think about all the products you put on your skin on a daily basis, it makes sense to be using the best ingredients from natural sources. Natural skincare is one of the best things you can use on your skin. As your body’s largest organ your skin absorbs lots of nutrients but can also take in toxins. If you are using lots of chemicals in your skincare you can bet your body is absorbing these, so ditch the chemicals and go completely natural. Your skin will thank you for it.


Do you have a favourite product in the Sheffield Skincare Company range?

I’m completely in love with the Holy Grail cleansing balm. It smells amazing and is packed with oils and butters that are great for your skin. My favourite ingredient in the balm is pomegranate oil which is packed with omega-5 fatty acids, these are great at reducing inflammation and protecting against sun damage.


Can you tell us about your classes?

I’ve been running skincare classes in our little shop in Crookes since March this year. The classes allow people to have a go at making their own skincare and customise it to their specific skin type. They are given instruction and guidance on safe ingredients and amounts to use as well as information to take home so they can repeat the recipes if they wish. I’m currently holding about two classes each month, making a different product each time. The classes range from £10 to £20 to attend and can be booked on our website.


What’s next for the Sheffield Skincare Company?

The last two years have been incredibly busy, releasing new products and making custom orders for various individuals and other companies. I’m currently working on some new products that will be released just before Christmas so you can expect to see natural shower gels and facial oils. I’ve also started a partnership with Good Vibrations Tattoo Studio in Crookes to produce a range of tattoo and laser products that are all natural and vegan-friendly.

And in August this year I’ll be in the pop-up shop in the Winter Garden, collaborating with Caroline from Lovely Cosmetics, who also makes natural skincare in Sheffield. We’re really looking forward to showcasing our products and working together to change the way people think about what they put on their skin.

Twitter: @sheffskincareco

Interview by Felicity Jackson
Images courtesy of Sheffield Skincare Company


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