To Boldly Brunch…

Brunch is a great meal, isn’t it? It’s the perfect combination of eating breakfast foods and not feeling guilty about having a cheeky drink at 11am. The food must be Instagram worthy and the tipples must have a touch of class or it doesn’t really feel like brunch. As I live with my two girl best friends and we all have a penchant for prosecco, we go wild for brunch. We’ve sampled all the usual suspects – we’ve been tempted by Tamper, flâneured into Forge and munched at Marmadukes. However, there has to be more than this, right? While I do spend my nights dreaming of a portion of Forge’s baked eggs, we can’t have tapped up Sheffield’s only possibilities for brunch, and when we started researching we realised there was a whole world of brunch-related treats yet to be explored…

The York – I know! I was shocked too. I’ve been in the York many times over the years, even doing a few shifts there when I was working for the Forum Family, and yet I never knew they did brunch. There aren’t vast choices but what is there is tasty. My housemate strongly argued that it was one of the best sausages she’d ever eaten as it was stuffed full of leeks, and the ham hock on my eggs benedict was a buttery, decadent and welcome addition. They definitely don’t skimp on the brekkie cocktails either, my pint of Bloody Mary was well-balanced and with just enough spice to shake off last night’s regret.


Kelham Wine Bar – Another place that you’d normally only associate with Friday night frolics, this new addition to the Kelham Island gentrification scheme has got a menu not to be sniffed at. They offer delectable evening choices but it’s their brunch that’s going to keep me coming back. One word people. Waffles.


Craft & Dough – Now, I’m a huge pizza fan. You really can’t beat a good mushroom pizza and obviously Craft & Dough is an amazing place to get your hands on a fantastic slice, but don’t just limit them in your minds to one meal of the day. Yes they do eggs benedict, blah, blah, blah, who doesn’t these days? It’s the pancakes that deserve a letter home. Buttermilk will always have a fond place in my heart and in my pancakes, and it certainly shines through in this tasty fluffy stack.


The Cabin – Now I may not know which end of the Moor is the bottom and which is the top and frankly I don’t care but The Cabin is at the right end of the Moor. It’s replaced what used to be Atkinsons Cafe. Once you get over the shock of a tiny taxidermy ‘bear’ greeting you at the door, you walk in and immediately smell maple syrup. A smell that could make any hungover / sad / tired / grumpy person shake it off and be chuckling in no time. They’re a Canadian-inspired place so obviously get the maple bacon, in fact get extra maple bacon because one lot won’t be enough. You may need two extra plates of it. It’s insane. Pancakes, maple bacon and scrambly eggs is a winner. Trust me.


Words: Erin Lawlor


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