Organic Dram Anyone? 10% Off With Now Then!

Head down to the Dram Shop with your Feb edition of Now Then this month and you will receive a 10% discount on all wines and beers purchased. We’ve a few ethical ideas for your shopping list so listen up.

For those of you not familiar with the unique character of the Dram Shop, it has a beautifully archaic wooden interior covered in shelves filled to the brim with hundreds of different tipples and multi coloured price tags of your choice. Be you a lager person, a wine fanatic or a whisky troubadour or anything in-between the Dram has a unique inhibition striker for everyone.

Whilst perusing amidst the library-like collection of beverages on offer I recently discovered, what I’ve termed, the latest Dram shop treasure. Namely, a huge variety of specifically organic alcoholic products. In this day and age of fair-trade tea, vegan tofu and prairie laid eggs the alcohol industry has often escaped critique, a minor miracle considering the probable chemical content of your standard Stella or Carlsberg.

In the interests then of providing you the reader with a respectable and some might say slighter of hand, hangover, I present Now Then’s Organic guide to getting ratted responsibly. Perfect we might add, for the dual upcoming treats of Valentine’s Day and Mothers day.

To Bravely Go Organic.

Sparkling White:

Not just for ladies, opening foray toasts or men with frilly collars.

Champagne Fleury Brut £26.99

Meinklang Pinot Noir – Austrian slightly sparkling £11.49

White Wine:


Albet / Noya £8.99

Touch Stone £8.49

Red Wine:

Think Poet, Think Passion, Think Rhyming & Singing.

Kali G – £8.99 – Greek

Mureda £6.49 – Spanish / Vegan / Fruity

Wheat Beer:

Europeans are not the only committed Wheat Drinkers.

Daa Blonde – Belgium

Reidenburger Weiss – German

Real Ale:

Refined? Curious and/or Bearded?

St Peters Ale Organic Ale – £1.99

Whistable Bay Organic Ale


Lager, Lager, Shouting, Lager, Lager.

Sam Smith – organic Larger

While Stable – Ale


Terry Pratchet. Norfolk to Normandy.

Dunkertons perbridge Herefordshire £2.69

Cidre De Normandic Pur Jus – £4.49


Commit. Enjoy. Don’t look back.

Bruichladdich £35


Best served with a Russian and a freezer combined.

FAIR – organic vodka £33.00


Put a Gin in your step…

Juniper Green Slow Gin – £18.99


Sophisticated finish?

Organic Amaretto – £14.49


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  1. I’ve totally been to Bruichladdich.

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