Advice for Artists: Part 1

It’d be naïve to think that being an artist is an easy career. The demanding workload, the struggle to make a name for yourself and always running out supplies, it can be a bloody nightmare.

At Now Then we’ve had some wonderful artists grace our front covers with their work over the years, and seeing as they’ve been there and done it we asked them the simple question, what advice would you give to other artists?

Here are some of the best responses we’ve received and now and again we’ll go through the catalogue, entertaining, inspiring and hopefully passing on words of true wisdom. Enjoy.

Matt Cipov Artwork

Now Then Issue 7: Matt Cipov , October 2008

“If I could time travel back about a decade and instill something into a younger, peppier, but very shy me, it would be the idea of embracing the computer. If I would have understood the necessity of having a website, embracing programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, knowing how to properly scan my art, having an online store, and NOT feeling the need to stay away from technology, I think I would have become much more confident at being a artist at a younger age… and I wouldn’t have had such a phobia for machines.”

Kid Acne Artwork

Now Then Issue 9: Kid Acne, December 2008

“I would say it’s important to be assertive and travel. If they’d told me that at school I’d be onto a winner by now, but I’ve not generally listened to any good advice until well after the event in any case. I tend to think about the lyrics from Ooh La La by The Faces. Look it up. I’d like that song played at my funeral, but not the Rod Stewart version, please…”

Nychos Artwork

Now Then Issue 10: Nychos, January 2009

“Free your mind. Follow the white rabbit and you’ll find your way. Learn the rules and then break them. Don’t give a fuck about what other people say about you and your style. Be who you want to be. If you get jealous of someone else’s work, use that negative energy to work on your own stuff and you’ll improve in no time.”


Compiled by Brady Frost.


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